Scam Alert! Z101 ZIngoo, P9 Pebot, Fubazu and Medvest B65X Wheelchairs don't exist and are linked to confirmed tender scams.

About Us

The founder of DuoActive Mobility, is Normie Eckard. He is an ordinary farm boy from South Africa, who had the privilege of an able body for 18 years that he used well by excelling in sports and leadership. His character was tested when a motorcar accident left him a paraplegic in 1997, giving him a view from both sides of disability.

Refusing to give up on life, he is trying to inspire and motivate people to unlock worlds of limitless adventure and travel and to make a difference by reaching out to people in need and giving glory to Jesus by living a meaningful, inspiring life each day!!

DuoActive Mobility, is one of the platforms to help people make life more comfortable and easier by selling quality products to better the lives of persons living with a disability as well as their families and loved ones...



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